Being locked up again, I’ve realized a few things:

1) I don’t really like peple like I once did.

2) I’m not as bad as some think I am.

3) Jail IS NOT for guys like me!

4) Rather I like it or not; I am needed here (in jail)

You see, we make prayers at times and don’t really understand what we’re asking or praying for. We pray to be used as a vessel, but we don’t really specify how. Isn’t YHWH specific with us? We should be the same way with him because, sometimes, he will use us in the most uncomfortable ways! Trust me, I’m going through it now! So is this a mere test of faith or is our beloved creator just a true master of his trade?

If we study scripture (like we should) we’ll see that YHWH does this often to his “go to” guys (and girls mind you). So, why does he put us through these “uncomfortable” circumstances? It’s not just a test of faith because faith is just the head of our actions. I, personally, believe it’s a test of our obedience. “Will you do this against YOUR will?” I see our creator asking us this questions at times. “But David, obedience and faith are the same!” No they are not. They merely co-exist with one another. You can obey someone you have no faith in. You can also have faith in someone yet not obey them. “So if we have faith and don’t obey; is that a sign of our faith lacking?” …meditate

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