A power source is not hard to figure out. All it is is something that gives you power. I’m not talking about power in the sense of authority (although, if you do have that type of authority, this is still affective), but in the sense of, I guess, motivation. When you’re down, if you know what your power source is, it’s what enables you to get up again and keep going.

My power source is our creator, YHWH. I believe that, in his holy words, he tells us AND SHOWS us HOW to connect everything we need to tap into his energy. If YHWH is your power source as well, then his holy words are your instruction manual to hook up to his “energy”.

***Before you go any further reading this, stop right now (please) and pray and ask for an open mind. Ask our creator to guide you in all ITS wisdom and truth. If your spirit is not in agreement with whats said, feel free to give us your insight. We will listen to all sides.




Prayed up? Good! Lets do this!


For the past few years I’ve been studying the thought that Christ was, in fact, rude. One day I was reading a passage in the bible and it didn’t set right with me. The passage is Mark 7: 24-30 and what I got initially was Jesus reffered to someones daughter as a DOG! Yeah, I know RIDICULOUS right? But, before you stone me for thinking this, look at Jesus’s FIRST RESPONSE unbiasedly: a woman asks for a blessing for her daughter, Jesus tells her he can’t feed the dogs. I was LIVID! I thought I read it wrong or interpreted it wrong or had dyslexia! Surely, my saviour didn’t just do that! I must have read this passage 10 times and got the same result. Jesus was rude. He ends up giving the blessing, but the first response was very negative to me. If i ask you for $5 to get my daughter some milk and you say, “it’s not good for me to take money from my kids and throw it to the dogs” I’ll get offended, period.

So that lead me to really study Christ in a new light. The light of “rude”. Now that I thought Christ was rude (rather I still do or not is not the point, nor is this the main focal point, please keep reading even if you’re getting upset. I do apologize sincerely) I was ready to pay closer attention to Chirst. So I read history again and found some good stuff in favor of this new theory. When Christ calmed the storm he gave his disciples attitude, he was a smart alec when asked who he should pay taxes to, he put Judas on blast in front of the other disciples, made a guy feel like its never good enough, called a large group of authorities a bunch of lying snakes; I mean the list is ridiculous. I didn’t understand why I never saw that before, and why no one else noticed this. Then I started thinkin I was going crazy. Christ isn’t rude! He’s Jesus right, I mean he’s full of love and compassion. He healed the sick, cast demons out of people, raised the dead. A rude Christ wouldn’t have done all that.

So was Christ rude? That depends, is honesty rude? If a pregnant woman asks if a certain shirt made her look fat and it did, would telling her “yes” be rude? After fully believing the “rude christ” theory, I asked myself that question: Is honesty rude?

Rude: 1. offensively impolite or ill-mannered

2. roughly made or done; lacking subtlety or sophistication

So, I think the defintion we’re looking for would be the first one. Offensively impolite. If something is offensive and/or impolite it’s rude. Period. The intent behind the comment isn’t the determining factor here. Rather it offended or was taken as being impolite is the deciding factor. So if the saying “the truth hurts” is true, so is the saying “the truth is rude”. If Jesus is the “truth” wouldn’t that make him rude; going by this new insight? With all that said, we’re now face with yet another question (whoever said we can’t ask questions? studying involves alot of Q&A): Is being rude negative? The simple answer is YES. Regardless of intent, being rude is a negative thing because it made the offended illatease, which is a negative thing to do. So, if Christ was rude (negative), what makes it ok? In order for electricity to work it has to have a negative AND a positive connection. The intent comes in when determining if its acceptable to be rude or not. Christ knew that being so blunt could be offensive, but he didn’t care if he offended (carelessness is another rude trait mind you) because he had a message to put out and a job to do, and he wasn’t going to let anyone stop him.


Christ is famous for the positive energy he spread throughout his ministry. I could pick my favorite story, but i’ll let you use yours. Re-read your favorite story of Christ. Pay close attention to how his positive energy affected those around him. I think the best one to use as an example is the feeding of the 4,000. After a long 3 days of teaching (positive energy) Christ had compassion for his students (positive energy) and figured he needed to feed them (positive energy). Staying positive, he ignored the fact that it looked like they couldn’t provide, and thanked his father for what they DID have and dispersed enough for everyone (positive positive positive!). So I don’t have to get to into detail on why positive energy is important. Clearly positivity can go a long way.

​”So what’s your point David? What does Christ being rude have to do with anything?” Well, you see, Christ is my “idol”; he’s who I look up to and want to grow to be like. Trying to figure out how Christ was able to do what he did, I had to think outside the box. Those who don’t believe in “God”, but a higher “energy” can understand this point. Energy (power) needs two things: a positive and a negative. So, if Christ is “the light” what powers him? YHWH right? and if YHWH is the power source then there has to be positive AND NEGATIVE energy. In order for Christ to tap in to that “power” he has to connect to both the positive AND the negative. Now how was Christ able to be “negative” and still have such an impact? Because NEGATIVE ENERGY BALANCES OUT POSITIVE ENERGY. If Christ was really just super nice like everyone thinks, he wouldn’t have been as effective, but since Christ was 100% human, he was able to “keep it real” (be rude) and still SHOW people what true love is! Thanks for reading and I’d love to get feedback on this thought/theory.

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