Already, today has been a very troublesome day. After the tragedies that occured in Boston, my pen won’t stop! After 4 pages of writing, the titled question popped into my mind; Where is Christ in 2013? The number of “christians” in America is relatively large I’m sure, but for some reason the evidence of Christ has faded.

Looking at Christ’s ministry, I look at how he handled his fellow humans. If the word “christian” means “Christ-like” or “little christ”; where the hell is he at? He’s supposed to live through US, yet after a day like today, I ponder how serious we are as believers. This is what I mean:

First let me say that Christ never rejected anyone. The only place I can recall in the Bible where “Jesus” almost does is in Mark 7:24-30. Even in that story, however, the lady gets the blessing. So why is it that us “Christians” descriminate against those who don’t share our same beliefs or aren’t of the same denomination? All that mattered to Christ was the peoples faith. Twice we see that “Jesus” heals and blesses people based on faith and faith alone. 4 actually, if we count Peter walking on the water for a bit. So, the point is, regardless of anyones religion, denomination, or whatever, as long as they have faith in the Messiah or the Christ, we should be accepting and share our blessings.

Secondly, when the adultress was about to get stoned in John 8, Christ,in-a-sense, defended her and forgave her. Rather she continued in sin or not isn’t the point; the point is; instead of chastizing her for being a “hoe” he gave her a chance. Why is it us christians (well alot of us) are so quick to persecute and chastize homosexuals, hookers, strippers, gigilos, or whatever? After taking my own personal survey, I came to the conclusions that Ghandi was right: Christians give Christians a bad name. People believe in “God” and the Messiah, but don’t do church or fellowship because of all the hypocracy in the church buildings.

I by no means, think I’m better than anyone, but I approach people humbly and real and in 2013 thats what people need; legitimacy- not fake and phony. People see the flaws I have,and they appreciate the fact that I keep it real. No, I don’t flaunt my flaws, but I damn sure don’t act like I’m better than anyone.

We have to learn how to show Christ, and more importantly we must learn what Christ meant when he says that we can “…do these things and even greater,” and when he says, “But you shall recieve power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you…”. We must get more people involved in the Kingdom because the evidence of Revelations has never been so evident & I for one will do all I can to open the eyes of peoples hearts.

“But the hour cometh; and now is, for the true worshipers to worship in Spirit and Truth because the father is, in fact, Spirit and Truth.”

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