I think that Christian Rap get over looked because of the word “Christian”. That title gives the secular world a tough understanding that these Artists actually rap about something on a whole other level. We are called to be “set apart” anyway, so the want to “be on top” is kind of ridiculous when you think about it because these Christain Rappers ARE, in fact, “on top” in our “set apart” culture.

Now, What the secular world misses out on is the sheer lyrical talent these rappers have! Artists like Sho Baraka, Canon, and Tedashii would get SO MUCH recognition if people listened to music for the talent of said music, not just to listen to a good beat. Lyrics seem to no matter anymore, and the evidence of that is clear when you listen to secular rappers and they litereally are just rhyming words and having no real lyrical talents. (they’re just proving they paid attention in 4th grade when talking about rhymes)

My first introduction to Christian rap was a very memorable one. My brother took me out to grab a bite to eat, and when we got in the car, he puts on this cd and the bass in the car just started going off! I’m talking clean, smooth, hard, heart stopping bass! I was instantly won over! The group was Cross Movement and after a couple seconds of a very nice instrumental I heard the rapper start rapping and next thing I know, I’m “gettin krunk” in the car and jamming. Then the rapper started talking about God and Jesus and how important they were in his life. The overall message was great and I definitely opened my mind to Christian rap and what I discovered was an amazing world of talented Artists whose message is a positive one and their lyrics hit home.

Another powerful moment I’ve experienced with christian rap was in jail. There was about 14 guys in the “day room” (common area) and no one was really paying attention to the TV so I changed it to JCTV (a very good TV network by the way; poerful stuff!) and their program “music blender: urban” was on. The song that was playing ended and on came on Lecrae’s music video “Don’t wanna waste my life”. Sitting in the back of the room I got a good glimpse of what happened. As soon as the beat started it caught the attention of a few of my fellow inmates. Heads started nodding to the music and turning their attention to the TV. One by one every man in that day room went to that TV and the room was silent other than the lyrical thrashing of Lecrae. You could literally feel the Spirit in that room! The affects that that song had on these men was phenomenal! When the song was over, you could really see the conviction on these guys. They all eventually dispersed, but none of themwent back to what they were doing: 9 OF THE FOURTEEN WENT TO THEIR BUNKS AND OPENED THEIR BIBLES!!! How great is our creator!

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